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編號 18401
期刊名 教育資料科學
Journal of Educational Media Science
題名 | 全文不可取得 |
On the Art of Management in Academic Libraries: A Prolegomenon作者欲授權按此
Donald P. Wharton
語言 英文
卷期/出版年月 18卷4期
出版年月 June 1981
起迄頁 3~26
文章類型 研究論文
英文摘要 This essay discusses three aspects of the library manager's responsibility: managing the relations of the library with the rest of the academy, managing conflicts within the library, and managing the changes wrought by technology. No longer is the academic library dukedom large enough. To compete successfully for a campus resources, librarians must increasingly think in term of the librarys external function and not merely its internal one. Practically, this means librarians must involve themselves in the formulation and implementation of institutional objectives to meet institutional goals. A second major responsibility of the academic library manager is to deal wisely and creatively with natural and unavoidable conflict within the library. A consultative administrative style, one distinguished by the development of authority rather than a reliance on legislated power, is most appropriate in the modern academic library setting. Finally, the risk for the future of libraries and librarians is posed not by technology, but by the manner in which technology is perceived. If it is understood as a more efficient means to a traditional end-education-then libraries will survive handily and with them librarians. If, on the other hand, librarians become convinced that the educational goals which libraries have traditionally pursued can be replaced by injormation-processing, then librarianship as an historical phenomenon has little meaningful future.
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Donald P., W. (1981). On the Art of Management in Academic Libraries: A Prolegomenon. Journal of Educational Media Science, 18(4), 3-26. 
Donald P. Wharton, "On the Art of Management in Academic Libraries: A Prolegomenon," Journal of Educational Media Science 18, no. 4 (June 1981): 3-26. 
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