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編號 22101
期刊名 教育資料與圖書館學
Journal of Educational Media & Library Sciences
題名 | 全文不可取得 |
Cooperative Funding Puts Mobile Library on the Road作者欲授權按此
Victoria K. Musmann
語言 英文
卷期/出版年月 22卷1期
出版年月 October 1984
起迄頁 1~9
文章類型 研究論文
英文摘要 When state budget cuts forced the Little Lake City Scool District to eliminate or curtail many services the Board of Trustees tumed to the community for help. A task force called CLASS (Community Leaders Adding Support to Schools) was formed and directed its attention to school library needs. The result was an innovative mobile library outreach program funded by two adjoining cities, three school districts, and a $32,500 donation from the loca1 trash haulers. The Mobile Library Outreach Program features a van equippped with an hydraulic lift to unload book trucks. Book talks and library skills lessons are part of the visits to the 11 schools served by the project. The $53,600 budget for the program inc1udes funds to update reference books at the schools and purchase supplemental books for the van. A Van Naming Contest was held in October and a sixth grader won the grand prize for his entry Read-n-Roll. The arrival of Read-n-Roll is a big event at the schools and has introduced many children to the joy of reading.
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Victoria K., M. (1984). Cooperative Funding Puts Mobile Library on the Road. Journal of Educational Media & Library Sciences, 22(1), 1-9. 
Victoria K. Musmann, "Cooperative Funding Puts Mobile Library on the Road," Journal of Educational Media & Library Sciences 22, no. 1 (October 1984): 1-9. 
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