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編號 39206
期刊名 教育資料與圖書館學
Journal of Educational Media & Library Sciences
題名 基於XML之網際網路資料交換雛型系統設計| 全文不可取得 |
Design of XML-Based Internet Date Interchange Prototype System作者欲授權按此
作者 林信成
Sinn-cheng Lin

Yong-ren Chen
語言 中文
卷期/出版年月 39卷2期
出版年月 January 2002
起迄頁 145~160
文章類型 研究論文
英文摘要 This paper proposes a data interchange prototype system based on the XML technologies. After XML was completed by W3C, no matter in the fields of academic research or in the fields of industry application, many relational topics on XML had been studied. Nowadays, besides of XML's development, people also starting to try to put XML into practice. The purpose of this paper is to develop an XML-based data interchange prototype system on Internet, and to prove the excellence capability of XML on data interchange. The proposed architecture of the system has seven modules: 1.Data Searching Module, 2.XML Transforming Module, 3.Data Transferring Module, 4.XML Parsing Module, 5.XML Data Presentation Module, 6.Data Storage Module, and 7.Metadat Transforming Module. They cooperate with each others and active as a data integrating system in the distributed environment. The experimental result shows the practicability of his prototype system. It will also be a foundation of studying XML-based Internet application in the future.
中文關鍵字 ;;;
英文關鍵字 Extensible markup Language;Date interchange;Document object model;
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林信成 、陳勇任 (2002)。基於XML之網際網路資料交換雛型系統設計。教育資料與圖書館學39(2),145-160。 
Lin, S.-C., & Chen, Y.-R. (2002). Design of XML-Based Internet Date Interchange Prototype System. Journal of Educational Media & Library Sciences, 39(2), 145-160. 
林信成 、陳勇任 。「基於XML之網際網路資料交換雛型系統設計」,教育資料與圖書館學39卷,2期(2002):145-160。 
Sinn-cheng Lin and Yong-ren Chen, "Design of XML-Based Internet Date Interchange Prototype System," Journal of Educational Media & Library Sciences 39, no. 2 (January 2002): 145-160. 
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