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編號 51502
期刊名 教育資料與圖書館學
Journal of Educational Media & Library Sciences
題名 臺灣數位學習的成效與研究:2000-2011年間國內外研究文獻的回顧與綜整| 全文可取得 |     
The Effectiveness and Studies of E-learning in Taiwan: A Review and Synthesis of 2000-2011 Research Literature
作者 方瑀紳
Yu-Shen Fang
ORCID 0000-0002-8248-8585

Lung-Sheng Lee
ORCID 0000-0002-9416-9274
語言 中文
卷期/出版年月 special issue
出版年月 October 2014
起迄頁 27~56
文章類型 回顧評論
中文摘要 本研究採用「整合多種領域,著重同一研究方法」的文獻回顧與綜整法,針對2000-2011年間國內外三個主要學術電子資料庫,所收錄臺灣數位學習準實驗研究的期刊和學位論文86篇進行分析。結果發現此一期間臺灣數位學習準實驗研究及其所驗證的成效:(1)教學領域或學科著重在形式科學的課程;(2)主要出自師資培育大學校院;(3)對象依使用頻率由高而低為國小、國中、高中/高職學生;(4)實驗教學時數以101-300分鐘為最常見;(5)最受關注課題為動機、學習環境、和科技應用能力;(6)學習成效朝向學習和科技兩個不同切入點論述;(7)教學理論著重在Piaget和Vygotsky的認知建構觀;以及(8)教學成效探究由高而低依序著重在認知、情意、技能領域。
英文摘要 The purpose of this study was to review and synthesize the research literature on e-learning in Taiwan. In total, 86 journalarticlesand theses/dissertations,which quasi-experimental research methods were utilized inand included in three major domestic and international electronic databases between the years 2000-2011,were selected for review and synthesis. The purest synthesis method of synthesizing multiple areas with single method was employed to investigate the research literature.It is found that the quasi-experimental research studiesand the effectiveness of e-learning in 2000-2011 in Taiwan are as follows:(1) Learning areas or subjects focus on formal sciences;(2) The researches are mainly done in the university/colleges primarily preparing school teachers;(3) The main subjects in descending order of frequency selected by studies are elementary school students, junior high school students, and senior/vocational high school students;(4)The most experimental teaching durations are between 101 and 300 minutes; (5) Motivation, learning environment, and technological capability are the three issues mostly concerned about;(6)Learning effectiveness are mainly argued from the two starting viewpoints, learning or technology;(7) Teaching theory focus on Piaget and Vygotsky perspectives of cognitive construction;and (8)The learning domains in descending order of instructional effectiveness investigation are cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains.
中文關鍵字 回顧與綜整;後設分析;準實驗設計;數位學習;資訊科技;
英文關鍵字 Review and synthesis;Meta-analysis;Quasi-experimental design;E-learning;Information technology;
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方瑀紳 、李隆盛 (2014)。臺灣數位學習的成效與研究:2000-2011年間國內外研究文獻的回顧與綜整〔特刊〕。教育資料與圖書館學51,27-56。 doi:10.6120/JoEMLS.2014.51S/0634.RV.CM
Fang, Y.-S., & Lee, L.-S. (2014). The Effectiveness and Studies of E-learning in Taiwan: A Review and Synthesis of 2000-2011 Research Literature [Special issue]. Journal of Educational Media & Library Sciences, 51, 27-56. doi:10.6120/JoEMLS.2014.51S/0634.RV.CM
方瑀紳 、李隆盛 。「臺灣數位學習的成效與研究:2000-2011年間國內外研究文獻的回顧與綜整」,特刊,教育資料與圖書館學51卷,(2014):27-56。 doi:10.6120/JoEMLS.2014.51S/0634.RV.CM
Yu-Shen Fang and Lung-Sheng Lee, "The Effectiveness and Studies of E-learning in Taiwan: A Review and Synthesis of 2000-2011 Research Literature," special issue, Journal of Educational Media & Library Sciences 51, (October 2014): 27-56 doi:10.6120/JoEMLS.2014.51S/0634.RV.CM
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