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編號 54203
期刊名 教育資料與圖書館學
Journal of Educational Media & Library Sciences
題名 地方政府機關之開放資料 影響因素探討:以台中市政府為例| 全文可取得 |     
Exploring the Factors Influencing Agencies’ Engagement in Open Data: A Case Study of Taichung City Government
作者 賴泱州
Yang-Chou Lai
ORCID 0000-0003-0929-1820

Tung-Mou Yang
ORCID 0000-0002-4992-5683
語言 中文
卷期/出版年月 54卷2期
出版年月 July 2017
起迄頁 185~219
文章類型 研究論文
中文摘要 政府開放資料可以視為尚未被大量開發的公共資源,此種資源可 被自由地使用、再使用與散布,而台灣政府為推動開放資料的實 行,鼓勵各縣市政府自行釋出資料集給予公眾使用,然當前開放 資料的相關研究多著重於政府機關應釋出何種資料集,抑或如何 推動開放資料,且多數聚焦於中央層級機關的討論,而較少探討 地方政府層面,以了解其釋出開放資料的意願受何因素影響。本 研究以台中市政府為個案進行探索性研究,藉由科技技術、組 織、法令與政策以及外部環境之四個面向以探討並歸納出影響因 素。另研究發現也顯示出地方政府開放資料的推行亦受業務承辦 人的個人觀點所影響。最後,本研究提出相關實務建議,期對地 方政府機關後續於開放資料的推動有所助益。
英文摘要 Open data has been an important trend among the government administrations around the world. The concept of open data is that, without violating privacy and national security, government data should be open, freely used, and redistributed by the public. It is expected that open data can promote transparency of government. In addition, open data has the potential to stimulate economic growth through value-added applications developed by the public, including citizens, private enterprises, and non-profit organizations. In Taiwan, when realizing the importance of open data, Taiwan government has started promoting the related initiatives in both the central government and local governments. In this research field, most studies have focused on the central government level, on the discussions of the types of open data to be released, and on the promotion of open data activities. Nevertheless, there is still limited research discussing the determinants of open government data, particularly there is a lack from the perspective of local governments. In order to fill this gap, this study explores the determinants of open data by selecting Taichung City Government as a case study. Specifically, this study attempts to identify the factors influencing government agencies’ intentions of open data participation. The influential factors are explored from four perspectives: technology, organization, legislation and policy, and environment. In the technological perspective, the identified factors are information system operation, data type, and data format. Second, in the organizational perspective, the influential factors are top management support, cost and benefit, budget and resource, and performance evaluation. Third, legislation and policy is found to have the most significant impact on government agencies. Fourth, in the perspective of environment, both social pressure and peer effect are found to be the influential factors. Lastly, practical implications, limitations, and future research directions are also discussed in the study.
中文關鍵字 開放政府;開放資料;資料開放;政府資訊分享;電子化政府;
英文關鍵字 Open government;Oen data;;Information sharing;E-government;
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賴泱州 、楊東謀 (2017)。地方政府機關之開放資料 影響因素探討:以台中市政府為例。教育資料與圖書館學54(2),185-219。 doi:10.6120/JoEMLS.2017.542/0026.RS.BM
Lai, Y.-C., & Yang, T.-M. (2017). Exploring the Factors Influencing Agencies’ Engagement in Open Data: A Case Study of Taichung City Government. Journal of Educational Media & Library Sciences, 54(2), 185-219. doi:10.6120/JoEMLS.2017.542/0026.RS.BM
賴泱州 、楊東謀 。「地方政府機關之開放資料 影響因素探討:以台中市政府為例」,教育資料與圖書館學54卷,2期(2017):185-219。 doi:10.6120/JoEMLS.2017.542/0026.RS.BM
Yang-Chou Lai and Tung-Mou Yang, "Exploring the Factors Influencing Agencies’ Engagement in Open Data: A Case Study of Taichung City Government," Journal of Educational Media & Library Sciences 54, no. 2 (July 2017): 185-219. doi:10.6120/JoEMLS.2017.542/0026.RS.BM
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