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Article Id 56201
Journal Title 教育資料與圖書館學
Journal of Educational Media & Library Sciences
Title 圖書資訊學領域「作者群研究」主題之英文學術論文探析| Full Text Avaliable |     
An Exploratory Study of the English Articles on the Authorship in Library and Information Science
Author(s) 葉淑慧
Shu-Hwei Yeh
ORCID 0000-0002-0323-713X

Ming-Yueh Tsay
ORCID 0000-0001-5484-1313
Language Chinese
Vol.&No. Vol.56No.2
Publishing Date July 2019
Start/End Page 135~162
Doc Type Research Article
Chinese Abstract 論文發表的研究人力與作者群研究乃運用書目計量學的研究方法,探究學科領域、研究活動及學術社群的人力發展方向,解析作者群之生產力、人力結構的分布情形,反映學科或特定主題的研究發展潛力與研究人才現況。本研究蒐集1961年至2016年以英文發表之圖書資訊學領域作者群研究學術文獻,合計219篇,運用內容分析法及書目計量法,探析其出版年代、研究方法、資料來源、研究對象、文獻主題及分析項目等研究現況與發展趨勢;此外,針對「作者群研究」學術論文作者進行人數、合作度、隸屬機構、跨機構、職稱或類型、國別、跨國合作、高產作者等資料統計分析,以揭示此領域作者群研究的研究人力結構與特徵,進而獲得 觀察與結論。
EnglishAbstract The studies of research productivity and authorship of theses published apply the method of bibliometrics. Through the method, the studies utilize the results of quantitative analysis to discuss and explore the results and trends of research activities and the direction of manpower development in academic communities. Through the exploration and analysis of the authors’ productivity and the distribution of manpower structure, the potential of research and development of a particular field or subject and the current situation of research talents of the field or subject can be revealed. In this study, LISA and EBSCOhost- Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts databases were selected and we got a total of 219 English articles in the field of library and information science published from 1961 to 2016. With the content analysis and bibliometric approach, this study investigates the results include published years, research methods, research designs and samplings, subjects of literatures, content items of research and analysis. Moreover, this study conclude authors’ patterns, institutional affiliations, degree of collaboration between institution and countries and core authors.
Chinese Keywords 圖書資訊學;研究生產力;作者;書目計量學;合著;
English Keywords Library and Information Science;Research Productivity;Authorship;Bibliometrics;Collaboration;
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Chinese APA style citation 葉淑慧 、蔡明月 (2019)。圖書資訊學領域「作者群研究」主題之英文學術論文探析。教育資料與圖書館學56(2),135-162。 doi:10.6120/JoEMLS.201907_56(2).0029.RS.AM
EnglishAPA style citation Yeh, S.-H., & Tsay, M.-Y. (2019). An Exploratory Study of the English Articles on the Authorship in Library and Information Science. Journal of Educational Media & Library Sciences, 56(2), 135-162. doi:10.6120/JoEMLS.201907_56(2).0029.RS.AM
ChineseChicago style citation 葉淑慧 、蔡明月 。「圖書資訊學領域「作者群研究」主題之英文學術論文探析」,教育資料與圖書館學56卷,2期(2019):135-162。 doi:10.6120/JoEMLS.201907_56(2).0029.RS.AM
EnglishChicago style citation Shu-Hwei Yeh and Ming-Yueh Tsay, "An Exploratory Study of the English Articles on the Authorship in Library and Information Science," Journal of Educational Media & Library Sciences 56, no. 2 (July 2019): 135-162. doi:10.6120/JoEMLS.201907_56(2).0029.RS.AM
Copyright © 2013 Dept. of Information and Library Science, TKU  ISSN:1013-090X  DOI:10.6120/JoEMLS
Publisher:No.151, Yingzhuan Rd., Tamsui Dist., New Taipei City 25137, Taiwan (R.O.C.)