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Article Id 56203
Journal Title 教育資料與圖書館學
Journal of Educational Media & Library Sciences
Title 學位論文送存與授權大學圖書館之調查: 台灣Open Access與產業政策再思| Full Text Avaliable |     
Survey on the Thesis Legal Deposit and Authorization at University Libraries in Taiwan: Rethinking of Open Access and Industry Policy
Author(s) 邱炯友
Jeong-Yeou Chiu
ORCID 0000-0002-5320-7107

Yun-Wen Lee
ORCID 0000-0002-1555-2137
Open Point
JoEMLS Open Peer Review Report: Rebuttal to the Comments
Language Chinese
Vol.&No. Vol.56No.2
Publishing Date July 2019
Start/End Page 201~234
Doc Type Research Article
Chinese Abstract 學術界「開放取用」(Open Access,OA)的風潮已延續多年,然而學術資訊不盡然皆是公共資訊,更非公共財。本文涉獵「學位論文」是否屬於「公共資訊」與學術界OA政策標的之理論探討,並嘗試了解學術社群兩大資訊服務提供者:學術資料庫產業、法定送存圖書館;以及最直接相關的學位論文作者、大學圖書館等利害關係人對於學位論文電子檔OA政策、典藏與應用策略、授權管理等之意見與所受影響,研究目的在於探尋學位論文管理政策合宜性。本研究利用深度訪談接觸資料庫營運者與11所台灣的大學圖書館,研究發現大學圖書館學位論文送存規範不一,且學術倫理敏感度欠缺,故政府必須督導建立產業與學術界良好環境,並檢討論文送存政策與慎選國家OA政策時機才是上策。
EnglishAbstract Owing to the price increases in article distributing and scientific publication, the academics have been demanding for “Open Access” resources in recent years. However, whether academic publications belong to public property or not remains undetermined. This article that begins with the discussion of the attributes of thesis & dissertation in terms of public information was to explore the Open Access policy impact of all the stakeholders who have involved in the scholarly database marketplace. Eleven university libraries in Taiwan and two main commercial and non-commercial university degree paper database providers including one national legal depository were interviewed. This study also aimed to demonstrate a virtual cooperation of industrygovernment-university under the rapid and various development of academic service and high international competition environment. Concerning the right interpretation about electronic thesis authorization, legal deposit policy and its management related issues, the finding showed that many university libraries were charged with managing the thesis deposit within their duties but lack of regulation consistency and sensitivity of academic ethic. We believed that it is a fundamental long-term solution for a virtuous cycle of industrial survival and academic development. University libraries’ thoughtful consideration for authorization policy and the government’s good timing for choosing OA, both will be of great importance to the success of the thesis deposit policy.
Chinese Keywords 學位論文;大學圖書館;法定送存制度;授權模式;電子論文;公開取用政策;
English Keywords Theses and dissertation;University library;Legal deposit;Authorization model;Electronic thesis;Open access.;
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Chinese APA style citation 邱炯友 、李韻玟 (2019)。學位論文送存與授權大學圖書館之調查: 台灣Open Access與產業政策再思。教育資料與圖書館學56(2),201-234。 doi:10.6120/JoEMLS.201907_56(2).0017.RS.AM
EnglishAPA style citation Chiu, J.-Y., & Lee, Y.-W. (2019). Survey on the Thesis Legal Deposit and Authorization at University Libraries in Taiwan: Rethinking of Open Access and Industry Policy. Journal of Educational Media & Library Sciences, 56(2), 201-234. doi:10.6120/JoEMLS.201907_56(2).0017.RS.AM
ChineseChicago style citation 邱炯友 、李韻玟 。「學位論文送存與授權大學圖書館之調查: 台灣Open Access與產業政策再思」,教育資料與圖書館學56卷,2期(2019):201-234。 doi:10.6120/JoEMLS.201907_56(2).0017.RS.AM
EnglishChicago style citation Jeong-Yeou Chiu and Yun-Wen Lee, "Survey on the Thesis Legal Deposit and Authorization at University Libraries in Taiwan: Rethinking of Open Access and Industry Policy," Journal of Educational Media & Library Sciences 56, no. 2 (July 2019): 201-234. doi:10.6120/JoEMLS.201907_56(2).0017.RS.AM
Copyright © 2013 Dept. of Information and Library Science, TKU  ISSN:1013-090X  DOI:10.6120/JoEMLS
Publisher:No.151, Yingzhuan Rd., Tamsui Dist., New Taipei City 25137, Taiwan (R.O.C.)