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Notes for Contributors

1. JoEMLS is a fully peer-reviewed and an Open Access journal published three issues yearly, sponsored and published by Tamkang University Press, Taipei, Taiwan.

2. It is required that all or part of the manuscript submitted to JoEMLS has not been published and will not be simultaneously submitted to or published elsewhere.

3. The Editors welcome submissions of manuscripts mainly on topics related to library science, information science and technology, and publishing. The other library related fields such as instructional technology and information communication are also accepted. 

4. Contributions are accepted on the strict understanding that the author is responsible for the accuracy of all contents of the published materials. Publication does not necessarily imply that these are the opinions of the Editorial Board or Editors, nor does the Board or Editors accept any liability for the accuracy of such comment, report, and other technical and factual information.

5. The authors of any submissions to JoEMLS hereby agree that if any submission being accepted by the Journal, then JoEMLS, Tamkang University Library, and the Department of Information & Library Science (DILS) shall be authorized to duplicate, publish on the Internet, and publish by any other means for the purpose of non-profit and education use.

6. The authors of any submissions to JoEMLS hereby agree that if any submission being accepted by the Journal, then JoEMLS shall be authorized to grant a non-exclusive license to the National Central Library for collecting such a submission into the Remote Electronic Access/Delivery System (READncl System), or grant sublicense to other database providers for collecting such a submission into their databases, and to duplicate, publish on the Internet, downloaded, and printed by authorized users of those providers. In addition, the format of submissions may be changed in order to meet the requirements of each database.

7. Manuscript requirements:
(1) Submissions should go through the submission online system; however, articles submitted as email attachments in one of the following preferred formats, Word or Rich Text Format, are acceptable.
(2) Three types of contributions are considered for publication: Full & regular research articles in IMRAD format should be between 6,000 and 12,000 words in length, Brief communications are of approximately 3,000 words, and Observation reports which tend to be review articles should be more than 4,000 words.
(3) Letters to the Editor should not exceed 1,500 words in length and may be: comments or criticisms of articles recently published in JoEMLS; and preliminary announcements of an original work of importance warranting immediate publications.
(4) Both Chinese (if available) and English titles should be provided.
(5) All manuscripts should be accompanied by an abstract of 300 words approximately. Chinese abstract can be optional. Up to 6 keywords should be provided, and should not exceed 12 tables and figures in total.
(6) A brief autobiographical note should be provided, including full name, post & title, affiliation, e-mail address, and full international contact details.
(7) Referencing style (notes or references): Authors should follow one of the formats, the Chicago style(Turabian Manual) or the APA format.

8. For the Book Review column, JoEMLS is looking for book recommendations as well as individuals who are willing to review the titles. Please contact the editor for more information.

9. It is the author’s responsibility to obtain written permissions to quote or reproduce material that has appeared in another publication. This includes both copyright and ownership rights, e.g. photographs, illustrations, and data.

10. First Author should be the equivalent of the Principal Author. The Principal Author must clearly specify the corresponding author and co-authors in a proper sequence. Submission of manuscripts previously published in conference proceedings or revision based on thesis should be clearly indicated in the front page of manuscripts.

11. Revision should be returned to the editor within the deadline for further peer review process. Revision submitted after the period could be rejected or treated as a new manuscript by the Journal.

12. Each author will receive 1 free copy of JoEMLS. However, authors can find online full-text of PDF format via Open Access on the websites of JoEMLS and DOAJ.

13. Submissions of manuscripts in either Chinese or English and editorial correspondence please use the Online Submission & Peer Review Service (ScholarOne- JoEMLS) at,, or mail to the editor: Professor Jeong-yeou Chiu, Department of Information and Library Science, Tamkang University, Taipei, Taiwan. Email:

14. The articles are distributed under a Creative Commons CC BY-NC license.CC BY-NC license

15. For articles in English, JoEMLS do not charge authors an article processing charge (APC).

About English Summary

A brief English Summary is a supplement to the Chinese article. Authors who contribute to JoEMLS in Chinese language would need to provide English Summaries. Such English Summary will carry a disclaimer: “This English Summary is provided by the author(s) or translated by the JoEMLS editors, and the author(s) have certified or verified that the translation faithfully represents the Chinese version of their own in the Journal. It is for the benefit and convenience of English readers so the article would be readily used for future reference and citation.”

About Romanized & Translated Notes/References for Original Text PDF

The main purpose of Romanized and Translated Notes (or References) at the end of the English Summary is to assist Western database indexers in identifying and indexing Chinese citations. This Romanization system for transliterating Chinese cannot be a substitute for those original notes or references listed with the Chinese manuscript. The effect of Chinese Romanization for citation remains to be seen.
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