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1 The Need for Technology Assessment in Libraries Vol.18No.1
Sep. 1980

Thomas T. Surprenant
2 Bibliographical Control of Special Libraries: An Automation Approach to Classification and Cataloguing Vol.18No.1
Sep. 1980

John Kuo-Chang Wang
3 The Faculty Participation in the Choice Card Selection: A Survey of Their Reactions in a Liberal Arts College Vol.18No.1
Sep. 1980

Chang C. Lee
4 You'll Manage: Becoming a Boss Vol.18No.1
Sep. 1980

Deanna B. Marcum
5 The Future of the Card Catalog Vol.18No.1
Sep. 1980

L. Thomas Snyderwine
6 Closing Cataloging--Aid Books: Put Them On-Line Vol.18No.1
Sep. 1980

Roy. T. Chang
7 Use of Microforms in Caribbean Libraries Vol.18No.1
Sep. 1980

Henry C. Chang

Bonnie Is man
8 My Rambling Recollections and Remarks as a Librarian Vol.18No.1
Sep. 1980

David Ta-chin Liu
9 我國參考工具書編製的回顧與前瞻
An Overview of Chinese Reference Publications
Sep. 1980

Heng-hsiung Cheng
10 縮影資料問題之探討
The Application and Problems of Microform
Sep. 1980

Shih-hsion Huang
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