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1 International Information Exchange and Southeast Asia Collections: A View from the U. S. Vol.18No.2
Dec. 1980

K. Mulliner

Lian The-Mulliner

Hwa-wei Lee
2 The Pittsburgh Regional Library Center: A Case Study in the Development of a Full Service Network Vol.18No.2
Dec. 1980

Scott Bruntjen
3 Goal-Setting in Management Vol.18No.2
Dec. 1980

Edward R. Johnson
4 Motivating Employees Vol.18No.2
Dec. 1980

Pat Woodrum
5 Institution Building for Library Services Development in Taiwan Vol.18No.2
Dec. 1980

Chang C. Lee
6 A Brief Comparison of the Structures of Governance in Higher Education Between the Republic of China and the United States Vol.18No.2
Dec. 1980

Li-hsien Yang
7 從國際百科的應用展望我國書目資訊系統的發展
From the Utilization of UDAS to Outlook the Development of Bibliographic Information Retrieval System in the R.O.C.
Dec. 1980

Hong-chu Huang
8 中央政府公報的起源及性質
The Nature and Origins of Central Government Gazettes of the Republic of China
Dec. 1980

Chien-cgeng Soong
9 AACR 2 有關期刊編目的規則
Serials Cataloging in AACR2
Dec. 1980

Ming-der Wu
10 「英美編目規則(第二版)」研究(上)
AACR2: A Critical Study
Dec. 1980

Ho-chin Chen
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