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1 Recent Perspectives on Research of Information Science and Libraries in the United States Vol.18No.3
Mar. 1981

Henry T. Drennan
2 Information Centers in the Year 2000: The Challenge to Librarians Today Vol.18No.3
Mar. 1981

Robert G. Scanlon
3 Special Libraries in Taiwan Vol.18No.3
Mar. 1981

John K. C. Wang
4 Information Service of the American Academic Library in 2000 Vol.18No.3
Mar. 1981

Margaret C. Fung
5 A Study of State-Wide Coordination of Library Service in the State University System of Florida Vol.18No.3
Mar. 1981

Chang C. Lee
6 圖書館工作是否專業論
Librarianship as a Profession Reconsidered
Mar. 1981

Paul W. T. Poon
7 縮影片的品質標準
The Quality Standard of Microfilms
Mar. 1981

Wu Hsiang-yun
8 臺北各大圖書館西洋社會科學文獻概況並論社會科學文獻中心之重要性
A Survey of the Western Social Sciences Literature Among Seven Taipei Major Libraries and A Discussion of the Importance of Establishing a National Social Sciences Information Center
Mar. 1981

Linda Tzeng Lee
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