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1 Strategic Planning and Library Technology Vol.21No.1
Oct. 1983

Donald E. Riggs
2 New Communication Technologies and the Shape of Future Society Vol.21No.1
Oct. 1983

Grant Noble
3 The Online Information Specialist: Behaviors, Philosophies, and Attitudes Vol.21No.1
Oct. 1983

Stephen P. Harter
4 Revitalization of an Aging On-line System Vol.21No.1
Oct. 1983

Lowell McCoskey
5 Design Considerations for the ASIC MARC Bibliographic System Vol.21No.1
Oct. 1983

Lily K. Wee

Chao-Pin Tsen
6 資訊社會與圖書館
Information Society and Libraries
Oct. 1983

Shih-hsion Huang
7 公共圖書館諮詢服務之推展
The Information Service Practice of the Public Library in Taiwan
Oct. 1983

Jane Wang
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