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題名(點此顯示詳細資訊) 卷期/出版年月
1 Establishing a Media Center in a Developing Country 21卷2期
Jan. 1984

Doris R. Brodeur
2 The Communications Revolution: Dangers to Third World Cultures 21卷2期
Jan. 1984

Al Hester
3 Productive Use of Information Through New Technologies and Information Systems in Taiwan R. O. C. 21卷2期
Jan. 1984

Margaret C. Fung
4 The Development of Software Tools for Sinology 21卷2期
Jan. 1984

C. T. Chang

C. C. Hsieh

C. C. Yang

J. K. T. Huang

K. Mei
5 The Computerized Bibliography of Chinese Rare Books 21卷2期
Jan. 1984

Nancy Ou-lan Chou

Hsiu-ying Chiang
6 A Library Budget Process: Incorporating Austerity Management 21卷2期
Jan. 1984

Robert L. White
7 The Light at the End of the Tunnel 21卷2期
Jan. 1984

Judith Moomaw
8 雲林縣國中生利用學校圖書館調查研究
The Use of School Libraries of Junior High School Students in Yunlin County: A Study
Jan. 1984

Chao-yen Lai
9 蘇聯圖書館事業初探
A Probe into the USSR Library Career in the 1950s
Jan. 1984

Chi-hou Chang
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