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1 Progress in Telecommunications Technology and Library Network Endeavors in the Taiwan Area Vol.21No.4
Jul. 1984

Shin-hsion Huang
2 Indexing Local History Vol.21No.4
Jul. 1984

Leslie D. Steele

William Page

George H. Michaels

Hal W. Hall
3 The Professional Association for Public Librarians: Public Library Association, ALA Vol.21No.4
Jul. 1984

Margaret C. Fung
4 Bibliographic Control of Large Microform Sets Vol.21No.4
Jul. 1984

Myra White
5 The Use of Shortwave As a Research Tool in Content Analysis of Ethnic Music and Other Cultural Materials Vol.21No.4
Jul. 1984

AL Hester
6 字串處理在圖書館作業電腦化之應用
The Usage of String Functions in Library Automation
Jul. 1984

Hong-chu Huang
7 公共圖書館建築設計淺談
Some Considerations for the Planning of Public Library Building
Jul. 1984

Chin-fang Yu
8 醫學核心期刊選目
A selected List of Core Journals for the Medical Libraries in the R.O.C.
Jul. 1984

Ellen fan Liu
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