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1 Is the Larger the Better?--A Quantitative Analysis of Sixteen University Libraries in the Republic of China Vol.22No.4
Jul. 1985

James Ho
2 The MLS Degree As a Foundation for Professional Practice: Where Are We Headed? Vol.22No.4
Jul. 1985

Edward G. Holley
3 Scenario 1999 and Beyond: In Search of an Intergalactic Media Center Vol.22No.4
Jul. 1985

Richard A. Cornell
4 Networking and Resource Sharing: The Network Perspective Vol.22No.4
Jul. 1985

Marlene Sue Heroux
5 修訂「中國時代複分表」芻議
An Essay on the Revision of Chinese Chronological Subdivision Table
Jul. 1985

Ho-sheng Lu
6 美國圖書館利用教育與指導工作之發展
The Development of Library User Education and Instruction in the United States
Jul. 1985

I-chin Hu
7 我國活字版印刷術演進之研究
The Development of Movable Types in China: A Survey
Jul. 1985

Pin-shiang Lin
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