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1 Survey of Library Automation Status, Priorities, and Plans Among Fully Accredited Liberal Arts Colleges in the United States Which are Affiliated with the Christian College Coalition Vol.23No.1
Oct. 1985

Dennis E. Read
2 A Method for Analyzing Database Activity and Implementing an Online Ready Reference Service Vol.23No.1
Oct. 1985

Robert W. Perdue
3 OCLC's Cataloging Capability in the Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Languages Vol.23No.1
Oct. 1985

Andrew H. Wang
4 OCLC and Its CJK Software Vol.23No.1
Oct. 1985

David Y. Hu
5 美國研究圖書館資訊網東亞語文圖書資訊系統之發展
The Development of RLIN's Automated System in East Asian Languages Material
Oct. 1985

Hon-chu Huang
6 從理論到實際--普列式索引系統
From Theory to Practice--Preserved Context Index System (PRECIS)
Oct. 1985

Ching-chen Mao
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