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1 Library User Education and the Development of Online Catalogs Vol.23No.3
Apr. 1986

William J. Studer
2 Continuing Education and Staff Development for Librarians in the Republic of China Vol.23No.3
Apr. 1986

Shih-hsion Huang
3 The Role of Evaluation in Higher Education Media Programs Vol.23No.3
Apr. 1986

Hsueh-hua Chen Sun
4 Establishing a State-of-the-Art Library in a Nursing Home; How I Did It Vol.23No.3
Apr. 1986

Anne Ring
5 Problems of Managing Electronic Records Vol.23No.3
Apr. 1986

Ling Hwey Jeng
6 大學圖書館書刊經費控制
Budget Control for Purchasing in University Libraries
Apr. 1986

Shau-yuin Hsu Ling
7 期刊選購與刪除決策模式之建立與應用
A Serials Selection and Deselection: Decision Model & Its Application
Apr. 1986

Mei-ling Wang Chen
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