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1 Use of Microcomputers in Public Libraries Vol.23No.4
Jul. 1986

John McCrossan

John Knego
2 The Numbers Game: The Curious Family of Standard Numbers Vol.23No.4
Jul. 1986

Walt Crawford
3 Understanding Library Use from the Standpoint of the User: Naturalistic Inquiry for Library Research Vol.23No.4
Jul. 1986

Constance A. Mellon
4 Materials/Media Booking Module for an Automated, Academic Library System Vol.23No.4
Jul. 1986

Gregory M. Diskin

Margaret A. Johnson
5 Conservation/Preservation: An International Approach Vol.23No.4
Jul. 1986

Han-Peter Geh
6 美國新英格蘭地區圖書館自動化: 現況報告
Library Automation in New England Libraries: the state of the art report
Jul. 1986

Estelle Fu Shaw
7 從RASD參考服務指南看八十年代美國參考服務特色
From RASD Reference Service Guidelines to Characteristics of U.S. Reference Services in the 1980s.
Jul. 1986

Nell C. C. Yang
8 西德慕尼黑巴伐利亞公立圖書館中文藏書概況
Chinese Collection in the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, München
Jul. 1986

Jane Hwang
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