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1 Developments and Options in Archival Automation Vol.25No.1
Oct. 1987

Robert D. Bohanan
2 Human and Organizational Issues of Technological Change Vol.25No.1
Oct. 1987

Bessie K. Hahn

Carolyn M. Gray

Stuart Langton
3 The Strategic Approach to Quality Control of Online Catalogs Vol.25No.1
Oct. 1987

Ichiko Morita
4 Computer Support for the Selection of Statistical Procedures: An Experiment Vol.25No.1
Oct. 1987

William C. Bozeman

Christopher Olsen
5 ROC: Survey of the State-of-Art and Likely Future Trends of CAI Applications in Higher Education Vol.25No.1
Oct. 1987

Shih-hsion Huang
6 關於「團體標目」
Establishing the Headings for Corporate Names Under AACR 2
Oct. 1987

Ho-chin Chen
7 Morse-Markov模式在臺大圕學系實習圕之個案調查
The Morse-Markov Model Applied to the Library Science Departmental Library of National Taiwan University: a Case Study
Oct. 1987

Yau-bin Guo
8 我國古代藏書樓的典藏管理與利用(上)
Collection Management and Use in Ancient Chinese Libraries
Oct. 1987

Jia-jiu Lee
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