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1 ACT's Postsecondary Standards: Will the Play in Taipei, Sydney or Paris? Vol.28No.4
Jul. 1991

George Sheau-ting Chang

Bosco Wen-ruey Lee

Susan McNamara

Richard Cornell
2 The Role of Context and Time in Picture Recognition Vol.28No.4
Jul. 1991

Shih-Chung Lee
3 Job Satisfaction and the Changing Role of Catalogers Vol.28No.4
Jul. 1991

Ichiko T. Morita
4 Bibliometric Distributions and Laws: Some Comments and a Selected Bibliography Vol.28No.4
Jul. 1991

Anwer Khurshid

Hardeo Sahai
5 西歐國家資訊服務政策之研究(二)
Information Policies in Western Europe (Cont.)
Jul. 1991

Jin-fen Shyu
6 不計科學名, 寧務研究實--對圖書館學是否為科學之我見
We Don't Have to Be a Science But We Have to Do Research
Jul. 1991

Ting-ming Lai
7 我國聯合目錄製編之研究(續)
The Union Catalog in the R.O.C.: A study (Cont.)
Jul. 1991

Wei Peng
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