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1 Collaborative Learning in the College Classroom: Building Knowledge with Teamwork and Technology Vol.35No.3
Apr. 1998

Anthony K. Byrd

Yvette S. Harman
2 Bringing Senior Faculty on Board the Technological Revolution: One Model Vol.35No.3
Apr. 1998

Clement A. Seldin

Peter Seldin
3 Analyzing Faculty & Staff's Information Needs and Use of Electronic Technologies: A Liberal Arts College's Perspective Vol.35No.3
Apr. 1998

Wenxian Zhang
4 大學出版社與大學圖書館: 學術出版社羣之共同機會與可能性
Between University Press and University Library: Possibilities of the Scholarly Publishing Community
Apr. 1998

Jeong-yeou Chiu
5 讀者對參考館員肢體語言認知之研究(下)
A Study on the Users' Perception to the Body Language of Reference Librarians
Apr. 1998

Yann-sheng Hsieh
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