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1 Undergraduate Students’Evaluation Criteria When Using Web Resources for Class Papers Vol.42No.1
Sep. 2004

Tsai-Youn Hung
2 Modeling a National Collaborative Digital Library for Malaysian Secondary Schools Vol.42No.1
Sep. 2004

N.N. Edzan

Abrizah Abdullah
3 MARC Applications for Description for Visual Materials Vol.42No.1
Sep. 2004

Nancy A. Barta-Norton
4 The Problem of Subject Access to Visual Materials Vol.42No.1
Sep. 2004

Heather P. Jespersen

John Kresten Jespersen
5 Teaching, Learning and Technology for Concurrent-Use Programs: The Partnership Library Experience in Central Florida Vol.42No.1
Sep. 2004

Mem Stahley
6 Temporal Cross-lagged Effects Between Subjective Norms and Students’Attitudes Regarding the use of Technology Vol.42No.1
Sep. 2004

Stephen A. Sivo

Cheng-Chang Sam Pan

James Broophy
7 政府加值資訊著作權交易平台之設計與管理
The Copyright Trading Platform for Government Added-information: A Study of Planning and Management
Sep. 2004
Jeong-yeou Chiu

Ming-Hsiang Cheng
8 台灣「北區技專校院校際合作聯盟」圖書館資源共享之研究
A Study on Library Resources Sharing NATCU in Taiwan
Sep. 2004
Wei-hwa Chen
9 高校合併後圖書館的現狀分析及在學院管理模式下的應對舉措
Analysis on University Libraries after Colleges Incorporated and Its Impact of the New Management Model)
Sep. 2004
Li Guangdu
10 資訊科技融入教學之概念、應用與活動設計
Integrating Information Technology into Instruction: Concept, Application, and Activity Planning
Sep. 2004
Ching-Heng Shen
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