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題名(點此顯示詳細資訊) 卷期/出版年月
1 Information Service of the American Academic Library in 2000 18卷3期
Mar. 1981

Margaret C. Fung
2 Public Service Librarianship in an Academic Library 20卷1期
Oct. 1982

Nancy Rue
3 The Shattered Stereotype: The Academic Library in Technological Transition 20卷4期
Jul. 1983

Constance L. Foster
4 Materials/Media Booking Module for an Automated, Academic Library System 23卷4期
Jul. 1986

Gregory M. Diskin

Margaret A. Johnson
5 Interconnectivity and the Electronic Academic Library 25卷3期
Apr. 1988

Donald E. Riggs
6 Marketing Strategies for the Academic Library 29卷3期
Apr. 1992

Chang C. Lee
7 電子文件傳遞對圖書館服務之影響
Electronic Document Delivery System: Its Influences Upon the Library Services
Oct. 1994

Shih-hsion Huang
8 大學圖書館使用者調查: 以交通大學圖書館為例
Academic Library User Survey: National Chiao-Tung University Case Study
Jan. 1999

Huey-meei Wu
9 The Future of Automated Systems in the Academic Library 38卷1期
Oct. 2000

Olga Verbeek

Cathy Rowe
10 Library Minority Managers: Ways to Survive and to Succeed 39卷3期
Apr. 2002

Xiaoyin Zhang
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