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1 The Faculty Participation in the Choice Card Selection: A Survey of Their Reactions in a Liberal Arts College Vol.18No.1
Sep. 1980

Chang C. Lee
2 Institution Building for Library Services Development in Taiwan Vol.18No.2
Dec. 1980

Chang C. Lee
3 A Study of State-Wide Coordination of Library Service in the State University System of Florida Vol.18No.3
Mar. 1981

Chang C. Lee
4 Developing a Course of Study: Acquisitions of Library Materials Vol.19No.4
Jun. 1982

Chang C. Lee
5 News Release As a Way of External Communication in Libraries Vol.26No.1
Oct. 1988

Chang C. Lee
6 Marketing Strategies for the Academic Library Vol.29No.3
Apr. 1992

Chang C. Lee
7 Libraries and Librarianship in The People's Republic of China Vol.31No.2
Jan. 1994

Chang C. Lee
8 Does the Republic of China Need National Archives? Vol.33No.3
Apr. 1996

Chang C. Lee
9 The Architecture of a University Library Should Have Spaces Designed for Special Collections and University Archives Vol.36No.4
Jul. 1999

Chang C. Lee
10 編者言:紀念 李長堅教授(51卷4期)
EDITORIAL: In Memory of Prof. Chang C. Lee
Jul. 2014
Jeong-Yeou Chiu
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