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題名(點此顯示詳細資訊) 卷期/出版年月
1 The Faculty Participation in the Choice Card Selection: A Survey of Their Reactions in a Liberal Arts College 18卷1期
Sep. 1980

Chang C. Lee
2 Institutional Policy for Supporting the Development of Educational Materials by Faculty 25卷2期
Jan. 1988

George R. McMeen
3 The Education of Medical Librarians in China: The Case of Hunan Medical University Faculty of Medical Library and Information Science 30卷2期
Jan. 1993

Anne S. Goss

Liu Xiao-Chun
4 Faculty Development: Effective use of Applications Software in the Classroom for Instruction 31卷1期
Oct. 1993

Joseph O. Esin
5 「國內大專院校教師對圖書館利用教育意見」之分析
A Survey of Library User Education toward the Faculty of College in Taiwan
Apr. 1995

Whay-mei Chang

Kun-chien Ting
6 Seeds for Success: Growing a Faculty and Staff Educational Technology Development Program 35卷2期
Jan. 1998

William Patterson
7 Bringing Senior Faculty on Board the Technological Revolution: One Model 35卷3期
Apr. 1998

Clement A. Seldin

Peter Seldin
8 Analyzing Faculty & Staff's Information Needs and Use of Electronic Technologies: A Liberal Arts College's Perspective 35卷3期
Apr. 1998

Wenxian Zhang
9 Collaborating with Faculty through Technology: Faculty as Users and Partners 39卷1期
Oct. 2001

Beatrice O. Agingu

Cathi Mack Cooper
10 An Eclectic, Technology-Enriched Professional Development Model in ESOL for Teacher Trainers 40卷1期
Oct. 2002

Karen Wolz Verkler

Cynthia J. Hutchinson

Gail West

Migdalia Pagan
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