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題名(點此顯示詳細資訊) 卷期/出版年月
1 High Level of Teacher's Apprehension about the Use of Computers in the Educational Process 29卷1期
Oct. 1992

Joseph O. Esin
2 Computer Literacy for Teachers: The Role of Computer Technology in the Educational Process 29卷3期
Apr. 1992

Joseph O. Esin
3 Strategies for Developing and Implementing Academic Computing in Colleges and Universities 29卷4期
Jul. 1992

Joseph O. Esin
4 Faculty Development: Effective use of Applications Software in the Classroom for Instruction 31卷1期
Oct. 1993

Joseph O. Esin
5 Strategic Planning for Computer Integration in Higher Education through the Year 2000 31卷2期
Jan. 1994

Joseph O. Esin
6 The Challenge of Networking Technologies 32卷4期
Jul. 1995

Joseph O. Esin
7 The Design and Use of Instructional Technology in Schools, Colleges and Universities 35卷1期
Oct. 1997

Joseph O. Esin
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